Friday, May 22, 2020

What to Do? Compile My TOP 100 Movies

I recently saw a Facebook Post from a friend who had been “challenged” to post her ten favorite movies over 10 days.  I am a true movie buff. I have been since childhood when my favorite memories include going to the grand ornate Rivoli Theater to watch Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Old Yeller, and yes, Robert Mitchum in Thunder Road (I think my brother took me to that one).
Rather than a paltry ten, I’ve decided to play American Film Institute and name my Top 100.  The list is a compilation based on numerous factors. Most important is whether the film touched me. Most people would not have the movie The Hours on a best picture list, but after watching it, I sat for nearly an hour thinking about it. 
Others are on the list because they are near-perfect story-telling (Casablanca, Witness). But it is a blended list. Citizen Kane is on my list because of its significance in film, even though I didn’t particularly connect with the movie.  Some are blockbusters (Star Wars, E.T., Godfather), and a few you may never have heard of (The Sweet Hereafter).  Some are guilty pleasures (the early Bond films).
I really wanted to put my latest guilty pleasure, The Greatest Showman, on the list because I simply love the songs, the energy and the story. But it, along with a lot of other really good films, just missed the cut.
So, before I list my top 100 over the next 10 days, here are 25 that barely missed the cut. Of course, if you ask me tomorrow, the list may be different.

101.Back to the Future
102.Casino Royale
103.The Greatest Showman
104.Dirty Harry
105.Hell or High Water
106.Up in the Air
107.The Usual Suspects
108.Lost in Translation
109.Life of Pi
110.Midnight in Paris
111.Bridge of Spies
112.Mystic River
113.Zorba the Greek
114.The Quiet Man
117.Tom Jones
119.Bohemian Rhapsody
120.Million Dollar Baby
121.Raiders of the Lost Arc
124.Field of Dreams
125.Driving Miss Daisy

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