Saturday, May 23, 2020

MY TOP 100 MOVIES: 91-100

Here is the first installment of my personal TOP 100 movies:  91-100.

91.The Sweet Hereafter: An independent Canadian film with a haunting performance by Ian Holm as a lawyer who comes to a small plains town to sign up clients after a school bus tragedy. The movie explores tragedy, loss and the impact on those left behind, from an unexpected viewpoint. It will stay with you long after you finish watching. 

92. The Ox-Bow Incident: Long before there was Ahmaud Arbery, there was this powerful movie about vigilante justice and injustice.

93. Michael Clayton: George Clooney is the title character, a fixer in a big law firm. Tom Wilkinson and Tilda Swinton are spectacular in this movie about ethics, morality and how far some will go for money and power.

94. Ex Machina:  This movie explores the consequences of artificial intelligence. The stark setting and slow pace builds a jaw-dropping powerful conclusion. Best sci-fi horror movie since Aliens.

95. Groundhog Day: There is a sweetness mixed in the humor in this Bill Murray movie.  

96. Manchester by the Sea: A powerful movie about loss that never disappears.  Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams shine.

97.  Monster’s Ball: Halle Berry's husband is executed in the electric chair -- the so-called Monster's Ball. Billy Bob Thornton is a prison guard who participated in the execution. When they meet, it sets in motion powerful events of love and forgiveness. Peter Boyle is deliciously despicable in his performance as Thornton's father, a mean, exceedingly cruel racist with no redeeming qualities.

98.  Chicago: Lawyers, flappers, gossip columns and the murder trial(s) of the century -- all set to jazz and Bob Fosse choreography. Give 'em the old razzle dazzle, and they'll make you a star.

99.  Up: More than a cartoon. The bitter-sweet opening sequence is one of the best openings of any movie.

100. All the President’s Men: The story of bringing down a president. Redford and Hoffman are sensational as Woodward and Bernstein. No one knew who deep throat was for decades after the book and movie. But when it was revealed as FBI agent Mark Feld, it was remarkable how much he looked like Hal Holbrook, who played him in this movie.

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